Orange Coast College Gets A Million Dollar Donation for New Pendulum and Planetarium

The Orange Coast College is getting a new planetarium thanks to the donation of a million dollars by a retired professor. The construction of the new planetarium is going to add an astronomical boost for the Orange Coast College.


The retired professor, Mary McChesney donated the gift so that the Foucault Pendulum could be built. The pendulum is a device which is used to showcase how the earths rotation is made. Officials for the Costa Mesa college have said that this pendulum is the only one of its kind in Orange County. The retired professor, Mary released a statement which she noted as the center for the scientific studies for the college students as well as for those in the nearby communities.


Mary states that even though she has gotten older, her love for education has not died down. The 91 year old is looking forward to the promise for the exciting future ahead for college students at Orange College. Mary made the donation in the name of her late partner who died in January.


Adelyn Bonin, Mary’s partner was also a teacher at the school and she taught German up until 1983 when she retired. Mary says that Lyn would have been so happy to do be a part of this and for her, half of this is hers. Mary says that she believes that Lyn can see her and hopes she approves what she has done.


This is not the first time that Mary has donated money as she contributes to the foundation as well as to contributing to scholarships through the Orange Coast College. Doug Bennett, the executive director for the Orange Coast College states that he had heard that a donation was going to be made however he was unaware of the amount of the donation until it came in. He knew she was donation something to the school, he was unaware of the large amount however.


The school broke ground in 2016 for the planetarium and the preexisting one which was built in the 50’s was removed. Doug Bennett went on record to say that because of technology, the old planetarium had to be removed in order to help lead the way for the new one. This new facility will hold 129 seats within the auditorium as well as featuring an exhibit hall.


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