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Todd Lubar: Valuable Insights from an All-Time Developer and Real-Estate Guru

Todd Lubar is a long time businessperson and successful entrepreneur. He has tirelessly worked in the real estate business for over 20 years. Through all this time, Todd has devoted himself to the industry and helping other people who would be interested in becoming homeowners. Todd is in the position 25 among mortgage originators in his country for very many years. Todd is the renowned president of TDL Global Ventures as well as senior vice president at Legendary Investments.


In his line to sharing his journey and observations, Todd Lubar offers valuable insights for the residents and any prospective businesspeople on what it means to operate a real estate business in Baltimore. He begins by introducing the charming city, Baltimore that is also referred to as Charm City by many. The city has been analyzed as one with the highest number of young professionals. In some instances, it may seem as if they are losing the population but its concertation with young people is known to be highest. This is not a short-term thing, but according to the demographic projection, it is seen to continue more. Looking at the numbers of the young professionals alone, it is enough to conclude and realize that apartments would be in high demand. The young people being the residents of the city means that more apartments should be coming up. Most developers and investors are investing time and money to turn around the old apartments through renovations.


Todd Lubar resides in Baltimore specifically in Maryland. He is a professional developer and real estate agent with a vast of knowledge and expertise on the same. He is a passionate individual for real estate business, and his wish is to see others prosper in it. He shares that the real estate business is a booming investment in most places of the country. Sharing the views concerning Potomac reals estate industry, Todd is confident that this is the most appropriate time to invest in the real estate. He assures people that this is one of the ways to improve the financial status of most people. A strategy will enable one make wealth and money in general. Todd advises that one can use any approach in real estate. One of the ways is flipping property while the other one is purchasing property and beginning to rent it out. Before choosing any specific investment strategy, it is critical to analyze and know what the local real estate market seems to work with. Potomac real estate market is one of the best opportunities. Within a short time, the prices of the houses have continually grown. This happens due to the strength of the economy in the area. Most people are relocating to Potomac in search of job opportunities. On the other hand, many companies are hiring people for top positions.


Success Journey of JHSF as Management Company

JHSF was founded in 1972, and the primary duty of the company is to identify the new opportunities the current market. The defining feature that is pushing the move to the company the ability to deliver quality services which befit the required standards by its clients. This step has helped the company to retain its customers and present the suitable solution that showcases the characteristics of the projects being carried out.

JHSF has stood to be the leading Brazilian company in the sector of the real estate market with its significant participation in the commercial incorporation and residential. Also, the firm deals also with the administration of the shopping centers, hotel and restaurant, and airport business. The company has consolidated its principal function in the main cities of Brazil to make it easier for it to administer its activities. The main towns that have annexed it branches include Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus.

JHSF as a company has divided its operational activities into four major units: Fasano Hotel and restaurants, Airport, Shopping Center and Incorporation. These segments help the firm in monitoring the trends that a new in the market and in coming up with the solution on areas that need to be fixed. The excellent workforce of the JHSF has enabled the firm in the successful run of the business projects. Additionally, the company has employed different strategies in the market with the purpose of winning the trust of their clients. The competent team of staff is the major during force that makes the image of the company last and valued through the quality of their services. What income generate by JHSF is integrated back into the business with the aim of creating diversity in the service provision.

Jose Neto is one of the skilled experts in the field of business and has been in the post of chief executive of the JHSF since 2003. His contribution to the company is quite substantial and includes the introduction of the service department within the enterprise. Furthermore, he came up with an idea of parking lot management firm in 1997. His commitment to transformation made him granted consent to establish Santa Cruz Shopping mall.

The good record of JHSF management is attached to the real leadership and competent workforce.

Learn more about him:

Jose AuriemoNeto reaches for more with JHSF

Brazil’s leader in real estate JHSF Participacoes SA recently cemented their dominance of the sector through the purchase of 13 Fasano Restaurants. The move will make the company diversify its market.

JHSF will now have access to prestigious Fasano brand name to top it with their already soaring name across the real estate in Brazil.

The company offered an irresistible acquisition worth US$23.8 million and Fasano management had nothing but to accept it. Jose AuriemoNeto, the CEO of JHSF initiated the process that added more into their already rich portfolio.

JHSF is a company that deals with only high-income earners in the market. These include residential and commercial properties. These markets also know nothing like lows regarding the economy, revenue throughout.

This is what attracted JHSF in the first place; having something long-term and sustainable.

Coupled with sound leadership practices, JHSF takes advantage of the technological innovations to stay ahead of the curve. Recently, the company incorporated Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 which enabled them to offer high-quality services.

JHSF used such innovations to boost their luxurious properties which include shopping centers, private airports, and residential buildings among others.

One of such high-profile properties is CidadeJardim Shops found in Jardins city, Metro Tucuruvi Shopping Plaza which has integration of bus terminus and a subway nearby.

Though the company was launched some 45 years ago, its reputation precedes it. JHSF has a genius way of identify ripe opportunities and acts swiftly before anyone grabs it. Such trait has made it mainly be regarded as the most daring developers all over Brazil.

Without its spirit of taking risks, JHSF wouldn’t be in such big cities as Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador in Brazil not to mention other international ventures in Miami and New York both in the USA and Punta del Este in Uruguay.

About Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose Auriemo Neto joined JHSF in 1993, and since then, he has helped the company extensively. After four years of his arrival, his fruits had started to show up. He founded a Parkbem wing of the company that mainly deals with parking and service management.

He is an entrepreneur and skilled leader and a family man with two kids. He graduated from FAAP (Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado) University located in Sao Paulo.