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How Rocketship Education Gives Aid To Families In Need

When young children are fortunate enough to have familial stability at home, their educational potential is effectively potentiated. Even those without two biological parents at home can push their studies to their fullest potential, with the aid of grandparents, guardians, and other family members.

Natural disasters, educational or familial uncertainty, and stressful situations can all result in decreased performance in school, especially for children.

When teachers work together with parents and guardians, safely moving through these situations is exponentially easier. Unfortunately, too many schools fail to recognize this fact of life.

Rocketship Education Has Proven That It Works Closely With Parents

San Jose, California, is home to roughly ten facilities belonging to the Rocketship Education network of schools. The first fixture in the Rocketship Education network was founded in San Jose in 2007. Rocketeers’ blood runs deep in San Jose, with a majority of the system’s total 15,000 students graduating throughout its history hailing from the city’s schools.

San Jose’s own Coyote Creek – it’s more like a river than a creek, for those unfamiliar with the San Francisco Bay Area – flooded just 11 months ago, in cold, February weather.

Over 14,000 people from 4,000-plus households were displaced because of the 2017 flood. And although the number is small when compared to 4,000, roughly 30 families had at least one child currently enrolled in a Rocketship Education facility there in San Jose.

The Story Of Dulce And Cesar Gonzalez

Cesar Gonzalez, just 10 years of age at the time of the flood, and mother Dulce were forced to leave their place of living, along with the household’s father and husband, respective to the other two family members.

Although most schools just educate their students, Rocketship Education faculty helped distribute necessary supplies for survival. Rocketship Education, with the help of Catholic Church-affiliated charities, raised more than $60,000 for the displaced households near Coyote Creek.

Rocketship Education Is Always Here To Help

Most schools wouldn’t go to the lengths that Rocketship Education did in February, 2017. Founded in 2007 by Preston Smith and John Danner, the school continues to lead the nation in personalized learning.