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Securus Technologies Ensuring The Drones Do Not Become the Tool to Transport Contraband Into the Prisons

Securus Technologies is the one company that first identified that technology is the answer to the problem of drones, which are being used these days rampantly to supply contraband inside the prison. Even though the correctional agencies have been trying new and unique ways to end the corruption as well as find the way the contraband items reach the prison, nothing has been much help in the last few years. While many of the contraband packages and things do get caught from time to time, it is suspected by the correctional agencies that many of these items remain undetected. It is terrifying to think that there are many weapons such as knives and even guns that the inmates have in their possession. It means that the lives of the inmates and many of the corrections officers may be in danger if it is to be true.


The drone detection technology was developed and introduced by Securus Technologies because there was no other way the prison officials can catch the contraband packages. The drone detection technology works a bit like the wireless containment system, a service that the company launched a few months back. The drone detection technology would form a virtual perimeter across the length and breadth of the prison and ensure that as soon as the drone enters the prison perimeter, an alarm goes off that would be immediately notified to the corrections officer. Along with the warning, the corrections officers would also be informed of the location of the drone. It would help the corrections officers to take the measure to knock down the drone and seize the contraband supply it would be carrying. The contraband supplies running into millions have been caught so far using the drone detection technology, and Securus Technologies hopes that in future it would eliminate the use of drones from the corrections ecosystem for illegal use.


Securus Technologies is known as a company that continues to set new benchmarks in the corrections space. One of the achievements of the company is to establish itself as a leader in the corrections space, and more than that as a company that cares about its customers. It is signified by the company winning Gold Stevie Award for customer care year after year, including three Gold Stevie Awards in the year 2018. Securus Technologies believes that the company should be focused on not only delivering solutions and services to the customers but ensuring that the customers can use the products and services appropriately offered. It can only be achieved by providing exemplary customer service that Securus Technologies provides. The company has a separate customer service department that takes care of all the grievances and issues raised by the customers.



Securus Technologies Is A One Of A Kind Company

There is no other technology company on the planet like Securus Technologies. This was proven recently after a testimony came forward from a prison staff of how Securus Technologies helped locate an inmate who was planning to hurt a correctional officer. The technology used in this situation was phone monitoring. In this case, it was a person from outside the prison speaking with an inmate. Both the person from outside the prison and the inmate used certain words and phrases that made Securus look deeper into the situation. After going into the database and listening to the entire conversation, Securus Technologies immediately contacted the prison where the inmate is currently held. The inmate was questioned about the issue and additional charges were imposed. The person the inmate was speaking with was also investigated.


The prison thanked Securus Technologies for the role they played in this situation. Due to the changing and transformation of new laws, prison staff cannot listen to phone calls going out of or coming into the prison. However, a third-party company can listen to these phone calls. This makes Securus more than valuable and worth every penny.


Though Securus Technologies would never want anyone, especially a correctional officer, to be afraid for their life, Securus is a bit glad this situation happened. Many people know Securus Technologies as a company that assists inmates with technology and more. However, as a result of this situation, people will now realize that Securus Technologies is out to help all people who want to make the world a better place. Securus also intends to use their technology to better the community. If this means adding criminal charges to inmates already doing time, Securus is all for it. Securus Technologies believes all people should respect the law at all times. This goes for both inmates and prison workers.


Here are the Beneficiaries of the Securus Technologies.

Human beings are bound to make mistakes. Sometimes our loved ones commit crimes and end up behind bars. This is a hard moment for the convicts and us as well. Both parties have to get used to a new life. For the convicts, the instructions and adjustments are even harder. The convicts have to leave a lot behind. Securus Technologies has helped this life become a little bit easier.

Securus Technologies is a high tech company that is committed to protecting the public and the inmates as well. They have been on the lead for so long. Despite the stiff competition in the field, they still emerge the best.

Securus Technologies has provided the administration of the prison with gadgets that help them see everything that happens in the cells. The devices help to ensure that no one hurts the inmates. Before Securus Technologies, there used to be a lot of bullying going on behind bars. The correctional facilities were bleeding sites of tough people.

Many corrupted officers have been eliminated making jail a place to reform. Inmates say that initially, officers collaborated with outsiders to harm them. This is an attempt to know some information about them or threaten them against saying the involvement of other people in the crime.

The devices help in solving some crimes that have been investigated for years. For example, when an officer is seen harassing a specific convict, and it arouses suspicion a case may be filed, and an investigation commenced. Through such leads, some hidden answers are found.

The sheriff’s departments have also benefited from the projects. The Securus Technologies has provided them with software that has been very helpful in recovering lost items. The software has also made it easy to identify illegal things like drugs in the correctional facilities.

Securus Technologies plays very many roles in the society. They ensure everyone is safe and help solve crimes.

Securus Technologies: the Ultimate Criminal Justice Solution Provider

Securus Technology is a company that provides civil and criminal justice technology solutions for investigation, public safety, corrections and monitoring services that use technology to solve and prevent crime. These crimes include the crimes committed by inmates against their fellow prisoners. Securus received comments in letters and emails from prison and jail officials across the United States.


These officials are responsible for making the environment safer and better by preventing and solving crimes. However, the specific references were withheld to protect the individual officials. On a weekly basis, Securus develops new features or service that aids in law enforcement and crime prevention. Thousands of people have written emails and letters requesting to know what the company builds, and how their products help the society and its various players.


Feedback from Customers Who Have Been Using This Technology


Some customers were thankful that the technology was used for phone calls to catch a corrupt staff member and this evidence lead to the arrest of the person. Phone calls were closely monitored regarding inmate drug selling, and alcohol use, threats, access to cellular devices, suspicious conversation on funds being transferred. There was also an incident involving gunshots being fired and a civilian even admitted to having sold prescription medicine at a discount. Another correctional facility called to thank Securus for their commitment and reliability in the provision of technology solutions that have progressively helped the facility improve public safety. Securus has also improved customers’ proactive measures in keeping tabs on potential threats to the security of the facility or the community.


Securus Technologies, Inc.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company and serves approximately 1.2 million inmates and over 3,450 safety and correction agencies across North America. This company is focused on connecting and serving customers by providing public information, investigation, and inmate self-service in a bid to make the world a safer place to dwell in. Securus Technologies uses technology to help in crime solving and prevention.

Securus Challenges GTL To An Assessment Test

Securus Technologies, an authority in criminal and civil justice technology options for investigation, monitoring, corrections, and public safety, recently announced that it was challenging its arch rival in the industry, GTL, to allow a neutral technology judge decide who had the biggest and best product collection, and the most state of the art telephone calling facility.

Why Securus and GTL Products Should Be Compared

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, GTL claims that their customer services and technology can compete with that of Securus. Due to this assertion, the CEO of the security technology company wants a judge to access both products, both customer service designs, and both calling facilities. The CEO further claims that the comparison is not fair considering that in the past 4 years, Securus has invested more than $700 million into the business in different ways including buying companies, product development, and the development of a sophisticated technology and customer service centre.


A Brief Comparison of Securus and GTL Platforms

Richard’s comparison of the two platforms was as follows:

  • Securus has a bigger product set for correctional facilities
  • Securus has a call center staffed by local employees- GTL outsources its customer service staff. Furthermore, the call answer performance at Securus is 600% better compared with that of GTL.
  • Securus has its own trained technicians whereas GTL contracts a majority of the technical tasks to non-employees
  • Securus has a large VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) corrections calling facility whereas GTL relies on older calling platforms.
  • Former GTL clients who have ever since moved to Securus claim that the latter’s technology and customer experience is, by far, much better than what is available at GTL.