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Cameron Clokie a Maxillofacial Surgeon of Toronto Works to Regrow Human Bone

Cameron Clokie is a maxillofacial surgeon, scientist, and serial entrepreneur. Clokie is the CEO of the company Induce Biologics Inc. which is a regenerative medicine company focused on improving the way maxillofacial procedures are provided to patients during musculoskeletal reconstruction surgeries.

In his academic career, Clokie has been named to the Head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 1998, and then later as the Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto untill his retirement from the academic world in 2017. Clokie also has sat on the board for several advisory boards in various companies.

Clokie also holds 25 US and international patents on technologies that he has come up with to help aid patients with things like bone healing. Clokie also has partnerships with many various businesses and has helped pass his incredible knowledge on to those other people working and coming up in the industry behind him. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Cameron Clokie’s biggest accomplishment in patents is by the far the new technology he has started developing that helps coax new bone to grow after a patient has to have a surgical procedure done. His original technology was not approved by commercial sources because it took too much bone to be ground down to create the BMP material needed to repair the bone affected by the surgery. Read more: Cameron Clokie DDS, Ph.D.: Executive Profile & Biography

Cameron, however, was not to be defeated, he is not working on technology that plans to use the BMP needed to repair damaged bone. Clokie plans this time to generate that BMP by inserting human genes into a goat embryo hoping that there is potential to see if the goats could then by theory produce large quantities of this material through the milk they give off.

Cameron Clokie is currently working on this technology, and then cites that they must do is to bring the costs down., If patients cannot afford the technology to help them recover after surgery having the technology does little good. That’s the project Clokie is currently working on at this point in his career as he continues to strive to make life better for his patients.