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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Reached his Goals and is Proud to be a Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar or Sam, as friends know him, is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped many people who wanted to improve their lives through cosmetic work. At the moment, he is a proud member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in the great state of Texas.


Many people who have sought his help know of him because of his extensive experience in the field. Others seek him out because he is precise and able to make the work look natural. Many experts in the field, including Sam, know that cosmetic surgery is a combination of knowledge and artistry. The people who go to Dr. Jejurikar are probably going to him because he’s able to combine both of these factors into his work.


Others visit his cosmetic care center because they heard that Dr. Jejurikar not only provides excellent cosmetic work but truly takes the time to get to know the patient. People care about quality care, which includes specialists who show patients they matter.


It is true that a lot of what Dr. Sam does deals with plastic surgery, but there is another part of him worth exploring. The cosmetic specialist does a lot of volunteer work around the community and the world. He has volunteered for several medical missions in places like Bangladesh using the Smile Bangladesh, which is an organization that has been attempting to help impoverished kids in that area of the world for years.


There is no doubt that the kids he has been able to help are thankful for all he was able to do for them. His ability to work in a field that he is proud of and going to Bangladesh to provide this type of help has definitely fulfilled Dr. Sam’s life in many ways.


Stellar Career of Chartered Visium Financial Analyst Jake J Gottlieb

The stellar career of Chartered Financial Analyst Jacob Gottlieb began as a graduate of Brown University located in Providence, Rhode Island with The Bachelors of Arts in economics. Furthermore, Jacob was awarded his chartered financial analyst certification from the Association for Investment Management and Research in 2001. Jacob’s career was inspired by his father Max Gottlieb Ph.D. professor of Economics at City University in New York New York. Jacob Gottlieb began his career as a buy-side analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Company LLC. From that position, he advanced to a financial analyst position at Merlin Financial in London, England as an investment portfolio manager. Jacob Gottlieb was establishing himself as a valuable asset in the investment management world as a high performer and was seen as a candidate for advancement in the arena of finance as a successful investment manager. After a stellar career at Merlin Financial, Jacob accepted an opportunity to continue the advancement of his career at Balyasny Asset Management LP. At Balyasny Asset Management LP Jacob was one of the founding members of the organization. After the experience gained at Balyasny Asset Management LP and all the preceding financial analyst positions, Jacob Gottlieb realized his ability had transitioned to the professional and mental point that he could entertain the thought of starting his own investment management company. Jacob established the Visium Asset Management LLC in 2005 as the founding member of his own investment fund portfolio as Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer. Visium Asset Management LLC became a very successful and thriving investment management portfolio for Jacob Gottlieb and his partners and clients as a financial management company. After the success of Visium Asset Management LLC, Jacob Gottlieb began giving back to various charitable causes in the New York City such as Robin Hood Project that assists the less fortunate in the New York, New York area. Since the Association for Investment Management and Research awarded Jacob Gottlieb the chartered financial analyst certification in 2001, he has established a profitable and stellar career as an investment manager.


Tony Petrello and the culture of philanthropy at Nabors Industries

Philanthropy has been entrenched in the American culture for a long time. This culture has brought a positive impact in the country. It has made people feel that they have a responsibility to take care of the weak in the society. It also makes those who are wealthy to contribute to making the American dream a reality. Philanthropy has been a key pillar of the societal growth in the country. Philanthropy has seen numerous educational programs started in the country, medical facilities constructed and human rights campaigns upheld. These are just a few of the areas that have been covered by various philanthropic missions. Philanthropy has not only been made possible by the wealthy, but it has also attracted the attention of the business community.

One such business that has been taking the issue of community support is Nabors Industries. This is a company that has been contributing millions of dollars towards various philanthropic initiatives. Nabors Industries is a drilling firm in the country that is headed by Anthony Petrello. As the CEO of the company, he has a responsibility of ensuring that the operations of the company are effective and that the company is taking its responsibilities seriously.

Tony Petrello has put the company on the right path in ensuring that it establishes a strong customer relationship with clients. An area that it has been performing very well is in philanthropy. It has been contributing enormously to community-based projects. Recently the company participated in helping the victims of the Hurricane Harvey. When the hurricane hit the area, it left widespread destruction. There was an immediate appeal for the well-wishers to assist through humanitarian support. Nabors is one of the companies in Texas that came out strongly to support the mission. How Tony Petrello Helped Houston With Hurricane Harvey Relief

Employees of this giant company were sent on a paid leave by the management so that they could help those affected. The company offered financial support to those affected alongside being physically present during the rescue missions. They were offering hot food to those who were affected. The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

About Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is a philanthropist at a personal level. He has participated in funding some causes that are personal to him such as the education foundation at the Yale University and the research center at the Texas Children Hospital. Tony Petrello’s Nabors Industries Will Purchase Tesco This Year

Tony Petrello was born in New Jersey. He went to Yale University and later to Harvard when he received his law degree. Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation

Securus Technologies Is A One Of A Kind Company

There is no other technology company on the planet like Securus Technologies. This was proven recently after a testimony came forward from a prison staff of how Securus Technologies helped locate an inmate who was planning to hurt a correctional officer. The technology used in this situation was phone monitoring. In this case, it was a person from outside the prison speaking with an inmate. Both the person from outside the prison and the inmate used certain words and phrases that made Securus look deeper into the situation. After going into the database and listening to the entire conversation, Securus Technologies immediately contacted the prison where the inmate is currently held. The inmate was questioned about the issue and additional charges were imposed. The person the inmate was speaking with was also investigated.


The prison thanked Securus Technologies for the role they played in this situation. Due to the changing and transformation of new laws, prison staff cannot listen to phone calls going out of or coming into the prison. However, a third-party company can listen to these phone calls. This makes Securus more than valuable and worth every penny.


Though Securus Technologies would never want anyone, especially a correctional officer, to be afraid for their life, Securus is a bit glad this situation happened. Many people know Securus Technologies as a company that assists inmates with technology and more. However, as a result of this situation, people will now realize that Securus Technologies is out to help all people who want to make the world a better place. Securus also intends to use their technology to better the community. If this means adding criminal charges to inmates already doing time, Securus is all for it. Securus Technologies believes all people should respect the law at all times. This goes for both inmates and prison workers.


Ricardo Tosto: A Highly Reputable Business Layer In Brazil

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a top attorney and he runs one the most prominent law firms in Brazil. If you are dealing with a business issue that requires the expertise of a powerful litigator, then check out Ricardo Tosto.

As an experienced commercial litigation and corporate law expert, Ricardo Tosto can handle virtually every type of conflict or dispute that can occur in a business environment, including business torts, breach of contract cases, joint venture and partnership disputes, class actions, shareholder issues, and breach of fiduciary duty allegation.

Entrepreneurs looking for the right corporate or business attorney can begin their search by contacting their colleagues or other businesses in their area. Also a quick online search for Lawyers Directories or Associations will reveal useful details.

Lawyers Directories are a great place to find out about lawyers that practice in the area of law you are dealing with and can provide information about their background. Next, you can review the lawyers’ websites to find more about their practice.

One of the most important aspects of finding the right corporate or business lawyer for your need is making sure that your potential lawyer has a good track record. Schedule a consultation in order to discuss with the lawyer and find out about their success rate.

Ricardo Tosto is a successful and powerful business litigation attorney and he has the expertise to evaluate the merits of a case and determine the best approach to handle the situation. Ricardo Tosto has a good understanding of the business law and he knows when to negotiate and when it’s best to litigate.

Ricardo Tosto takes steps to protect his clients’ rights and ensure that their business is well protected as well. He understands that efficiency, sound judgment, and creativity are critical for intelligently dealing with business disputes.

Ricardo Tosto a seasoned litigation attorney and he strives to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients. Numerous institutions, business owners, organizations and high-profile individuals turn to him for guidance and advice on a wide variety of legal issues.

Tips to Growing a Small Business

Owning a small business is a dream that many people share. The allure of being your own boss and working for yourself is something that many people strive to achieve at some point in their careers. While owning your own business can be a great way to earn a living, being a business owner is not right for everyone. For those to be successful at owning a business, having a few different traits and characteristics will go a very long wait and help to determine success.

For small business owners like Jose Hawilla, one characteristic to share is to be motivated. Motivation for owning a small business and being successful and very considerably from one person to the next. Overall, and entrepreneur will likely be motivated for personal reasons, Family considerations, or just have a motivation to see his business grow in a profitable.

Those that would like to own their own business will also need to be very dedicated. Owning a small business is a major commitment. Regardless of the industry that you are in, a small business owner will need to be prepared to dedicate a huge part of their life to managing and running the organization. Those that are truly dedicated to their business will be more successful than those that are not. Check out Globo to know more.

When you own a small business, you also will need to be able to react when necessary. The business world and all industries are constantly changing. There are a wide variety of different factors that can drastically affect your business on a daily basis. Being able to react positively to these changes will go a very long wait for those that are looking to grow the organization.

One individual that has continued to be a very good entrepreneur over the course of his long career has been Jose Hawilla. Jose Hawilla, who is based out of Brazil, has been a business owner his whole career. His most successful venture, which is called The Traffic Group, was founded in 1980. This organization is a sports marketing firm that quickly grew to be one of the largest such firms in all of South America.


The Cosmetic World Unicorn: Doe Deere

One factor that gives any woman confidence is loving their physical appearance and being comfortable with how they look. However, many women are restricted by the norm of the society. Doe Deere is not in this category, she has broken all odds and redefined the meaning of beauty and makeup. According to Doe Deere, makeup is more than hiding the blemishes on our skin. It is a form of expression that defines us.

Doe Deere is the CEO of the Lime Crime beauty products, which have been embraced by many individuals. Doe Deere named the company after her favorite shade, bright green. She says that if she had an idea that her firm would stand for so many factors in the society, she would have used a different name.

Doe Deere says that her passion for bright colors began at a tender age. As she grew up, she always filled her face and clothes with different color shades.

One of the greatest accomplishments of Lime Crime was the launching of liquid-to-matte lipstick. This category of lipstick is unique in that; it is transfer-proof, doesn’t crumble and lasts for long. The other memorable success of the company is having all their products certified by Leaping Bunny.

Doe Deere calls her fans unicorns. She explains that her definition of a unicorn, is an individual who is born differently and instead of fighting it, embraces it. For one to use the Lime Crime products, they must be confident and have the love for color.

Doe Deere says that having her business based online has advantages and disadvantages. Dealing with the color haters is hectic, Doe Deere chooses to ignore them. The hardest challenge they have to deal with is cyber theft. In 2014, they experienced a serious security breach that compromised the privacy of the customers. This was not because of ignorance, but she still feels responsible. They had to employ more employees to reply emails concerning the incidence and respond instantly to the social media platforms.

Doe Deere advices young business persons to listen to everyone in their line of business. She says that there is a lot of hidden knowledge held by other people. As for Doe Deere, she listens to everyone, even the persons she is aware don’t like her.

Doe Deere’s advice to her younger self is to stop fighting weirdness and embrace it because the best times in life are ones spend being yourself. Her favorite quote emphasizes on being yourself unless you can be a unicorn.

One strategy that helps Doe Deere to be productive is following her intuition. She says at times, there is no information or any logic to help make informed decisions for the company. In such cases, she goes with what her ‘’guts’’ tell her. Doe Deere says that for the eight years she has been in business, her guts have never misguided her.

Doe Deere encourages other women to find their voice in the nation. She supports other women and even urges them to contact her for advice or any other form of support. Learn more:

Here are the Beneficiaries of the Securus Technologies.

Human beings are bound to make mistakes. Sometimes our loved ones commit crimes and end up behind bars. This is a hard moment for the convicts and us as well. Both parties have to get used to a new life. For the convicts, the instructions and adjustments are even harder. The convicts have to leave a lot behind. Securus Technologies has helped this life become a little bit easier.

Securus Technologies is a high tech company that is committed to protecting the public and the inmates as well. They have been on the lead for so long. Despite the stiff competition in the field, they still emerge the best.

Securus Technologies has provided the administration of the prison with gadgets that help them see everything that happens in the cells. The devices help to ensure that no one hurts the inmates. Before Securus Technologies, there used to be a lot of bullying going on behind bars. The correctional facilities were bleeding sites of tough people.

Many corrupted officers have been eliminated making jail a place to reform. Inmates say that initially, officers collaborated with outsiders to harm them. This is an attempt to know some information about them or threaten them against saying the involvement of other people in the crime.

The devices help in solving some crimes that have been investigated for years. For example, when an officer is seen harassing a specific convict, and it arouses suspicion a case may be filed, and an investigation commenced. Through such leads, some hidden answers are found.

The sheriff’s departments have also benefited from the projects. The Securus Technologies has provided them with software that has been very helpful in recovering lost items. The software has also made it easy to identify illegal things like drugs in the correctional facilities.

Securus Technologies plays very many roles in the society. They ensure everyone is safe and help solve crimes.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina And Sussex Health Care Providing Quality Care

The Sussex Health Care focal point is on the elderly and older adults as an independent group. Their main aim is on seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. These mentally frail conditions require specialists to provide the necessary care as well as adults with learning, physical and neurological difficulties or disabilities. The neurological disabilities include people that have suffered a brain injury. Sussex Health Care provides high quality care with a top-rated professional team. This team includes Dr. Shafik Sachedina who serves as a Join Chairman.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina serves as the Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions in Aiglemont, France. He trained as a dental surgeon at the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School University in London, England. The doctor’s position at the Jamanti Institutions at the Secretariat of His Highness Aga Khan is coordinating the programs and activities of the Ismaili community’s institutions in Central Asia. Prior to this position, Dr. Sachedina remained in England after completing his time at the University in his area of practice.

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Dr. Sachedina holds positions in the medical and dental field for the Ismaili Imamat and community. These positions include being a member of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Committee and he holds a position at Aiglemont. He is a member of the Institutes Board of Governors, a Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee. He is a member of the Ismaili Leaders International Forum. These are not the only positions the doctor has held, since prior he was involved in voluntary capacities. In the past, he held two terms as President of the Ismaili Council. These two terms were for the Ismaili Council was for the United Kingdom.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is an owner of Sussex Health Care providing day care services and residential services in the West Sussex area. The health care company has an objective to provide individual service for nursing care and residential care. Currently, Sussex Health Care has 37 locations and the training of the teams is a joint venture between the health care company and the University at the on-site training academy at Warnham, West Sussex. The students are awarded certificates in three of five levels, which include Leadership, Management, Social Care, Activity Therapy, and Hospitality. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is proud of the level of education each employee has gone through to create a well-rounded team to provide quality care for older adults and adults with disabilities.

Securus Technologies: the Ultimate Criminal Justice Solution Provider

Securus Technology is a company that provides civil and criminal justice technology solutions for investigation, public safety, corrections and monitoring services that use technology to solve and prevent crime. These crimes include the crimes committed by inmates against their fellow prisoners. Securus received comments in letters and emails from prison and jail officials across the United States.


These officials are responsible for making the environment safer and better by preventing and solving crimes. However, the specific references were withheld to protect the individual officials. On a weekly basis, Securus develops new features or service that aids in law enforcement and crime prevention. Thousands of people have written emails and letters requesting to know what the company builds, and how their products help the society and its various players.


Feedback from Customers Who Have Been Using This Technology


Some customers were thankful that the technology was used for phone calls to catch a corrupt staff member and this evidence lead to the arrest of the person. Phone calls were closely monitored regarding inmate drug selling, and alcohol use, threats, access to cellular devices, suspicious conversation on funds being transferred. There was also an incident involving gunshots being fired and a civilian even admitted to having sold prescription medicine at a discount. Another correctional facility called to thank Securus for their commitment and reliability in the provision of technology solutions that have progressively helped the facility improve public safety. Securus has also improved customers’ proactive measures in keeping tabs on potential threats to the security of the facility or the community.


Securus Technologies, Inc.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company and serves approximately 1.2 million inmates and over 3,450 safety and correction agencies across North America. This company is focused on connecting and serving customers by providing public information, investigation, and inmate self-service in a bid to make the world a safer place to dwell in. Securus Technologies uses technology to help in crime solving and prevention.