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Doe Deere – on topic article

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. True, Doe Deere has a personality and a style that really captures your attention immediately. The pastel-haired beauty is definitely not an introverted personality. Doe Deere started Lime Crime because she believed that the market needed a beauty product that allowed the user to express their true personality in a truly unique way. Lime Crime was born out of that very inspiring idea. The Russian born beauty has created one of the most successful e-commerce beauty sites online. She shared inspiring thoughts in a very revealing interview. Learn more:


The Young Woman With A Dream

Doe Deere shares that she always had a dream to create colorful and magical beauty products that she could share with the world. Her cruelty-free cosmetics include lipsticks, eyeshadows, and nail polish that is sought by people all over the world because of their bold and vivid colors. Deere’s cosmetics are like her philosophy. The colors are to give the wearer the freedom to express their true self without regret. Even several celebrities have worn Deere’s bold colored makeup on the red carpet. Truly, Deere is an inspiration to young women that would like to live their own dream.


Achieving Success On Your Own Terms

Certainly, thousands of books have been written about the right way to achieve success. Deere firmly believes that the best way to achieve success is to follow your heart and achieve your dreams on your own terms. Of course, it also helps to have the right background to support your dreams. Doe Deere attended FIT in New York and majored in fashion design. Fashion and makeup are two choices that are very supportive of each other. For example, we express ourselves with the clothes worn on the body and we express ourselves with the makeup applied to the face.


Avid Supporter

The Lime Crime founder related that she was also a big supporter of young women that are trying to pursue their dreams too. She is a big supporter of women entrepreneurs that are trying to establish their own business. Deere is one woman that is on the move and delivering speeches at various venues around the country to inspire women to build their own business. Deere also would like to have the opportunity to mentor young women entrepreneurs. She invites young women to contact her through her social media sites. Learn more:


Exciting Trends

Doe Deere also shares that she started her makeup company Lime Crime online. She was one of the first women entrepreneurs to build a successful e-commerce beauty line online. Deere relates that she is very excited about Generation Z transitioning to starting their business ideas online because of all the great advantages and success that await them.


Orange Coast College Gets A Million Dollar Donation for New Pendulum and Planetarium

The Orange Coast College is getting a new planetarium thanks to the donation of a million dollars by a retired professor. The construction of the new planetarium is going to add an astronomical boost for the Orange Coast College.


The retired professor, Mary McChesney donated the gift so that the Foucault Pendulum could be built. The pendulum is a device which is used to showcase how the earths rotation is made. Officials for the Costa Mesa college have said that this pendulum is the only one of its kind in Orange County. The retired professor, Mary released a statement which she noted as the center for the scientific studies for the college students as well as for those in the nearby communities.


Mary states that even though she has gotten older, her love for education has not died down. The 91 year old is looking forward to the promise for the exciting future ahead for college students at Orange College. Mary made the donation in the name of her late partner who died in January.


Adelyn Bonin, Mary’s partner was also a teacher at the school and she taught German up until 1983 when she retired. Mary says that Lyn would have been so happy to do be a part of this and for her, half of this is hers. Mary says that she believes that Lyn can see her and hopes she approves what she has done.


This is not the first time that Mary has donated money as she contributes to the foundation as well as to contributing to scholarships through the Orange Coast College. Doug Bennett, the executive director for the Orange Coast College states that he had heard that a donation was going to be made however he was unaware of the amount of the donation until it came in. He knew she was donation something to the school, he was unaware of the large amount however.


The school broke ground in 2016 for the planetarium and the preexisting one which was built in the 50’s was removed. Doug Bennett went on record to say that because of technology, the old planetarium had to be removed in order to help lead the way for the new one. This new facility will hold 129 seats within the auditorium as well as featuring an exhibit hall.


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The Amazing and Diverse Financial Skills of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is an expert when it comes to financial issues making him a financial professional. Kevin has worked with several companies and currently, he is the Chief Operating Officer for a company located in Baltimore Maryland called Real Property Solutions.

Most people know it as RPS Solutions LLC. Kevin joined the company in 2015, and with his skills, he has been able to make the firm’s value rise. Kevin is responsible for controls implementation hence bringing and maintaining a stable work space. Read more: Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC on The Larry Young Morning Show

Mr. Seawright also implements procedures and systems that bring efficiency in the company. However, working with Newark Community Economic Development Corporation marked his greatest achievements. A company involved in growing small businesses to huge ones as well as creating wealth to the locals of Newark.

Kevin Seawright’s financial expertise was a valuable resource to the company. Kevin skills strengthened Newark Team, especially with his accounting and operations skills. Also, he has experience in managing capital at different levels.

Crunchbase revealed that Mr. Kevin Seawright is also passionate when it comes to helping people, and for more than 13 years he used his expertise to upgrade the East Coast communities. Kevin has worked with the Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement where he was able to salvage significant funds worth more than $100,000.

Later, Kevin went to Housing Authority of Baltimore City, a prestige position of Payroll Director. Kevin’s great work did not stop, and from there he decided to work with the Homeless Services division as a Finance Director and several other positions in departments that were meant to help people in need. All the work paid off, and he was given a position in the education sector as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for six years.

Kevin Seawright also used to work for the Finance and Human Capital based in Washington, DC. Mr. Seawright is useful when it comes to making several companies values grow.

Another added advantage is Kevin Seawright can be seen as an influencer who brings positive changes in a company’s financial areas. Kevin also has experience in other sectors such as the banking industry. I believe Kevin is a man of many skills with significant life achievements.

Success Journey of JHSF as Management Company

JHSF was founded in 1972, and the primary duty of the company is to identify the new opportunities the current market. The defining feature that is pushing the move to the company the ability to deliver quality services which befit the required standards by its clients. This step has helped the company to retain its customers and present the suitable solution that showcases the characteristics of the projects being carried out.

JHSF has stood to be the leading Brazilian company in the sector of the real estate market with its significant participation in the commercial incorporation and residential. Also, the firm deals also with the administration of the shopping centers, hotel and restaurant, and airport business. The company has consolidated its principal function in the main cities of Brazil to make it easier for it to administer its activities. The main towns that have annexed it branches include Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus.

JHSF as a company has divided its operational activities into four major units: Fasano Hotel and restaurants, Airport, Shopping Center and Incorporation. These segments help the firm in monitoring the trends that a new in the market and in coming up with the solution on areas that need to be fixed. The excellent workforce of the JHSF has enabled the firm in the successful run of the business projects. Additionally, the company has employed different strategies in the market with the purpose of winning the trust of their clients. The competent team of staff is the major during force that makes the image of the company last and valued through the quality of their services. What income generate by JHSF is integrated back into the business with the aim of creating diversity in the service provision.

Jose Neto is one of the skilled experts in the field of business and has been in the post of chief executive of the JHSF since 2003. His contribution to the company is quite substantial and includes the introduction of the service department within the enterprise. Furthermore, he came up with an idea of parking lot management firm in 1997. His commitment to transformation made him granted consent to establish Santa Cruz Shopping mall.

The good record of JHSF management is attached to the real leadership and competent workforce.

Learn more about him:

Jose AuriemoNeto reaches for more with JHSF

Brazil’s leader in real estate JHSF Participacoes SA recently cemented their dominance of the sector through the purchase of 13 Fasano Restaurants. The move will make the company diversify its market.

JHSF will now have access to prestigious Fasano brand name to top it with their already soaring name across the real estate in Brazil.

The company offered an irresistible acquisition worth US$23.8 million and Fasano management had nothing but to accept it. Jose AuriemoNeto, the CEO of JHSF initiated the process that added more into their already rich portfolio.

JHSF is a company that deals with only high-income earners in the market. These include residential and commercial properties. These markets also know nothing like lows regarding the economy, revenue throughout.

This is what attracted JHSF in the first place; having something long-term and sustainable.

Coupled with sound leadership practices, JHSF takes advantage of the technological innovations to stay ahead of the curve. Recently, the company incorporated Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 which enabled them to offer high-quality services.

JHSF used such innovations to boost their luxurious properties which include shopping centers, private airports, and residential buildings among others.

One of such high-profile properties is CidadeJardim Shops found in Jardins city, Metro Tucuruvi Shopping Plaza which has integration of bus terminus and a subway nearby.

Though the company was launched some 45 years ago, its reputation precedes it. JHSF has a genius way of identify ripe opportunities and acts swiftly before anyone grabs it. Such trait has made it mainly be regarded as the most daring developers all over Brazil.

Without its spirit of taking risks, JHSF wouldn’t be in such big cities as Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador in Brazil not to mention other international ventures in Miami and New York both in the USA and Punta del Este in Uruguay.

About Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose Auriemo Neto joined JHSF in 1993, and since then, he has helped the company extensively. After four years of his arrival, his fruits had started to show up. He founded a Parkbem wing of the company that mainly deals with parking and service management.

He is an entrepreneur and skilled leader and a family man with two kids. He graduated from FAAP (Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado) University located in Sao Paulo.

Roberto Santiago’s Investment Changing the Face of Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is a very popular individual in the state of Paraiba because of major investment projects he has initiated in the region. One of his successful investments in the region is Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall located in Joao Pessoa City. The mall was launched nearly 30 years ago, but has been redeveloped and expanded five times to give room for additional fun and also shopping. The Manaira Mall is recognized for offering numerous activities, especially leisure, fun, entertainment and exceptional shopping experience. Roberto Santiago designed the mall in a way the activities can satisfy the whole family after a visit.


Entertainment at Manaira Shopping


There are numerous fun and entertainment activities you and your family can enjoy at this mall. First, the mall is located between the central business district of the city of Joao Pessoa and the north coast beach. Indeed, it is a perfect place where you can enjoy all the comfort and fun on the beach. For amazing movie experience, the place to visit is Manaira Shopping. There are eleven cinema halls at the mall all fitted with advanced display units and devices, to provide movie experience like no other. For clear viewing, the halls are designed in stadium-like systems, ensuring clear visibility for all. Another fun activity you can enjoy at the mall is bowling alley. It is designed with modern slopes and also operated electronically.


The mall offers more than 200 electronic game machines to suit the tastes for all. Both grown-ups and children are catered for in this section. One of the most recent additions to the mall is the Domus Hall. This facility was completed in November 2009 and is located on the roof of the mall. It is one of the largest concert halls in the city. Over 10,000 fans can be accommodated in the hall. It is equipped with updated and modern sound equipment for maximum entertainment. In addition, sound insulation devices have been installed in the hall to minimize the effects of loud noise to other facilities within the mall. It has the mezzanine and ground floors, for serving different functions.


Career History of Roberto Santiago


He received his education from Marist College. Roberto graduated with a Business Administration degree from University Center of Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago started his career as writer and later a blogger. He used to write informative articles and educative blogs about Brazil. Later, he created a company that specialized in the production of utilitarian items. This business built his entrepreneurial foundation because he was able to in a real estate property where Manaira Shopping is located. In 2014, Roberto Santiago launched another mall in Joao Pessoa, the Mangabeira Shopping. It is yet another milestone the entrepreneur has achieved.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; Defining Force In The Cut Throat Insurance Industry Plans To Revolutionize Bradesco

Bradesco features as the second largest bank in Brazil. With an impressive track record and history of leaders in the past, the bank has risen among ranks and is currently one of the banks leading the industry in Brazil. The incumbent President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; popularly known as Trabuco assumed the position in 2009 and since then, he has managed to implement operational and structural changes that have only propelled the bank to make improvements.

Owing to his numerous achievements, Trabuco has been able to clinch a variety of awards that celebrate his skill and value to the industry. In 2015, he was named the Entrepreneur of The Year in Finance. He was also awarded the Insurance Personality of the Year twice in the past. Trabuco firmly believes that leadership is not a goal but the ultimate achievement of the goal, is to do the best job and achieve the best results in the capacities that leaders serve.


Born in Marilia in the year Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an astute entrepreneur dominating the insurance and finance sectors in Brazil. He attended the University of Sao Paulo where he graduated from the Philosophy, Science, Arts and Languages school of the university. In addition to that, he also earned a postgraduate degree from the same institution’s faculty of Sociology and Politics.

After completing his education in, Trabuco set off his career at Bradesco at the lowest level. He was able to go above the fray and gain new skills which saw him rise through the ranks. In 1984, Trabuco served as a departmental director up until he was appointed as the Vice President later in 1999. From this point, the only way that Trabuco could go was upwards. He later served as the chairman of Bradesco Seguros Group which is one of the subsidiaries of the bank. 2009 saw him being elected as the Chief Executive officer of Bradesco Bank.

Trabuco’s Future Plans For Bradesco

With Trabuco on the forefront, the future of Bradesco is nothing but bright. Just recently, he was backed by the board’s chairman, Lazaro Brandao in a move to acquire the Brazilian branch of HSBC. The bank was given the green light on this acquisition in the first quarter of 2016. This move guaranteed the bank another chance to fight and regain its leadership and recognition in the corporate sector. This is due to the fact that when the market shares of HSBC and Bradesco are combined, the bank gets ahead of Itau Unibanco in terms of the total number of account holders, branch networks, and the total investment funds.

The move also shortens the time that the bank takes to achieve operational and structural excellence; something that would normally take up to six years. Trabuco also advocates for organic growth that is more effective in revamping the makeup of Bradesco. This basically involves coming up with ways to improve the execution of the bank’s internal operations and structure. Trabuco aims to achieve this by acquiring more professionals and introducing a culture of giving autonomy to the professionals that get promoted.

A typical day for Trabuco is working from 7am to 6pm after which he extends his working hours in business dinners. As an insurance expert, he firmly believes that the insurance sector is an integral part of any country. He is an advocate of marketing and selling insurance through active broker channels. As the fourth president in Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has a lot of work to do to ensure that the bank regains and maintains its market leadership. With Trabuco in leadership, the bank is aiming at narrowing the gap by acquiring smaller banks and ultimately opening more branches around Brazil.


George Street Photo and Video in Chicago

The whole experience of getting married, from the engagement on up to when the wedding venue is packed up at the end of the ceremony, can be overwhelming, and whenever the companies you choose to work with you on your special day can be of help to you, that is something you should take note of. Photography is no different, and George Street Photo and Video gets that completely.

With over 40 locations in cities across the country, Chicago’s own George Street has developed a reputation for being a business that makes it as easy as possible for clients to rely on them for high-quality photos and videos from specialized experts in the engagement and wedding photography industry. Whether it’s the easy to understand packages or the sneak peeks clients can choose to receive before their prints, George Street is here to help make your wedding more enjoyable.

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Betsy DeVos Pushes for Reform in U.S. Educational System

Betsy DeVos is the U.S. Secretary of Education in President Trump’s administration. She and her husband Dick DeVos are business people, philanthropists and political activists. Betsy is a Republican and supporter of school choice, voucher programs and charter schools. She worked for many years in Michigan to promote educational reform. She was chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for several years. DeVos is a member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

Betsy was the Vice President of the Prince Foundation, a charitable foundation set up by her family, primarily her father and mother, Edgar and Elsa Prince. She and her husband Dick DeVos started the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. Its purpose is to donate funds to various charitable organizations. Most of the donations are based on Dick and Betsy’s Christian faith.

The foundation focuses on education, community projects, arts, justice and leadership programs. In 2015, the foundation donated $11.6 million. This brings their lifetime donations to $139 million. The foundation has donated to hospitals, research in health care, Christian schools, religious missions, and other conservative causes.

Read more:

DeVos has been involved over the years in the Action Institute. Its purpose is to study Religion and Liberty. It strives to promote a free society where individuals can use economic policies within the framework of the Judeo-Christian beliefs to promote economic growth.

From 2004 to 2010 Betsy Devos served on the board of directors for the Kennedy Center of the Preforming Arts. She was appointed by President George W. Bush. She and her husband, funded a center to teach art managers to raise funds for their institutions. In 2010, they donated $22.5 million to keep the program going.

Betsy DeVos has been very active in charitable work within her community in Michigan. She served as chairwoman of the American Federation for Children and The Philanthropy Roundtable. The American Federation for Children promotes educational choice, and works to help every child get a quality education, no matter what their economic status is

DeVos promotes the expansion of charter schools and more private schools being available to all students through financial assistance programs. She says the current school system is closed and restricts access to better options. If the market was opened up and parents had better options, children would receive a much better education no matter where they lived. She continues to support reform in the current U.S. educational system to provide a much higher quality of education to all children. Visit to know more about their foundation.

Rick Shinto’s InnovaCare winning the heart of Puerto Ricans

InnovaCare Health is a company that is passionate about quality medical care. According to the company’s CEO, Rick Shinto, the company’s core values are the pillars of its success and stability. Hiring professionals, promoting teamwork, healthy working relationships, transparency, a clear vision and proper communication are the fundamental principles at InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare Health’s mission statement is simple; redefining the management of healthcare in today’s healthcare environment. The healthcare outfit has excelled in this mission. The excellence stems from its two Puerto Rico-based subsidiaries; MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. These affiliate companies provide quality care programs that improve the members’ physical and emotional wellbeing. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance.

The outstanding quality offered by MMM and PMC has seen the rate of customer’s satisfaction reach 90 percent. Also in 2011, the two companies received NCQA accreditation, an accreditation that focuses on high quality of services and customer protection. Receiving it indicated that the two InnovaCare Health’s affiliates meet these quality assurance demands.

In 2012, Rick Shinto became the chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health. Recognized as the man who inspires as others to do their best, Dr. Shinto is the company’s force of change. His vision for the company is to extend its market base and make improvements that ensure customer satisfaction. The effectiveness of his leadership has led numerous improvements in service delivery and the consequent success of the company.

Under the leadership of Dr. Shinto, InnovaCare Health is using technology to make its services affordable to the Puerto Rican people. Making quality medical services cheaper has attracted many people. Today, more than 70 percent of the population in Puerto Rico shows preference of InnovaCare’s care plans to other insurance companies.

Before becoming the CEO at InnovaCare, Dr. Rick Shinto led Aveta Inc. as its President and chief executive officer. During his tenure at Aveta Inc., the health expert received the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The award recognizes an entrepreneur’s commitment to success through financial performance and innovative ideas as well as excellence in service delivery. Earning the award proved Dr. Shinto as an authority in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Shinto graduated with a bachelor’s of science from the University of California before attending New York State University for his medical degree. He has an MBA from Redlands University. His experience, entrepreneurship skills and aspiration for improvement are key factors that make sure InnovaCare’s success under his leadership. Learn more about the company at