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OSI Group leading the way in Modernized Sustainable Development

Founded in 1909, OSI Group has gained renown as one of the largest food providers in the world. OSI began with Otto Kolschowsky who, two years after immigrating to the United States, opened a small retail butcher shop. Within 10 years, Kolschowsky expanded his business, becoming a wholesaler. Rebranding his business in 1928 as Otto & Sons, Kolschowsky’s once small retail business slowly grew into a major wholesaler of ground beef to non-other than Ray Kroc, the first CEO of the modern Mc Donald’s corporation. As Ray Kroc’s corporation slowly achieved the heights of international success, Otto & Sons were symbiotically tied at the hip. The transition from regional supplier to a global corporation is, in part, due to OSI’s implementation of cutting edge technology and strategic sustainable development practices.

One of the technological breakthroughs responsible for OSI Group’s success occurred in the late 1960’s. Flash freezing or, Cryogenic food processing, is a process which freezes food quickly with liquid nitrogen. Cryogenic food processing reduces overall costs of production while providing room for product expansion. Furthermore, this technological breakthrough minimized the risks of food-borne illnesses resulting from improper storage, keeping foods fresher for longer periods of time. Although Cryogenic food processing initially posed higher cryogen cost, these costs have been minimized with recent technological advances.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI has expanded to an internationally recognized leader in food processing and production. Sheldon was asked to join the company in 1975 as the sons of Kolschowsky approached retirement. In 1977, OSI opened the first food processing facility located outside their home base of Chicago, expanding their operations to West Jordan, Utah. Eventually, OSI Group’s reach would include a number of processing facilities located outside the United States, including Germany in 1978, with Spain following suite in 1980. Relative to their expansion into international markets, OSI Group’s CEO Sheldon Lavin, has been hard at work developing new techniques to meet the company’s seemingly daunting task of providing more sustainable, environmentally friendly food processing techniques. With the implementation of a chief sustainability officer, a position that oversees the company’s global sustainability strategies, OSI group is guiding innovative environmentally sound strategies throughout their supply chain. Winning the California Green Business award in 2016, OSI’s plant management’s efforts to conserve resources while reducing pollution garnered them with the prestigious California Green Business Certification.

From the company’s humble beginnings in 1909 as a family owned and operated meat retailer, to their rise to international renown, OSI Group continues to lead the way in modernizing sustainable development practices throughout the food processing industry.

Sahm Adrangi Aims at St. Joe Company

In 2011, the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital, Sahm Adrangi, made a name for himself when he successfully shorted a number of Chinese companies, exposing several of them for fraudulent practices. Recently, Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital aimed their sights on St. Joe Company, whose valuation was is currently listed at $1 billion. According to the report, remote and undeveloped swampland have rendered much of St. Joe Company’s assets as “over-valued and over-hyped.” Upon assessing the true value of St. Joe Company’s holdings, Sahm Adrangi’s evaluation revealed that it considerably less than what is being publicly advertised – 40 percent less to be exact. The gross misjudgment regarding St. Joe Company’s valuation, is also exacerbated by the fact that they are experiencing issues with their largest shareholder, who may be forced to liquidate a large portion of their stock, as well as the fact that commercial development has been stalled for the better part of the last decade.

The reason for St. Joe Company’s high valuation, is due to their plan regarding the building of a retiree destination, as well as a commercial business center in the Panama Beach area. The problem lies in the fact that the majority of their land is not near the highly sought-after beach area, being that this property has already been commercialized. Much of what’s left consists of land that is far less desirable.

Today, Fairholme Fund is the largest shareholder of St. Joe Company, with 22.7 million shares, but recent changes regarding the Securities and Exchange Commission will require that 10 million of those shares are liquidated in order to remain in compliance. Being that these shares would need to be liquidated by December 1, 2018, Sahm Adrangi says that there are not enough trading days left to accomplish this feat without affecting the share price of St. Joe Company adversely. The role of Bruce Berkowitz, who acts as the chairman of the board at St. Joe Company, as well as the fund manager for Fairholme Fund, also presents a conflict of interest that may require him and two additional fund directors to step down. This will also play a negative role in the share price.

According to Shervin Pishevar, the Financial Market Will Continue to Fall Unless the Government Prints Money to Pay Debts

Shervin Pishevar is that type of investor who can be said to be making critical decisions about his investments, and he gains from what he does. For example, he invested in Uber and Airbnb and is currently enjoying the fruits of his investments as his wealth has grown significantly. Concerning forecasting, he once highlighted that Facebook would soon be suffering from an identity crisis which is currently happening as we speak. The company has not been able to protect the data adequately, and this is raising eyebrows.

In a recent take on 21-hour social platform exploration, Shervin Pishevar seems to be offering some insight about the market and what will be happening in the future. Investors have been reading and trying to figure out whatever he says or writes because he seems to have some insight about the market which explains why individuals should listen to him. According to the Uber investor, the financial market and the bitcoin technology will continue to fall and its time investors get to familiarize themselves with the fall before making any investment decision.

Shervin Pishevar thinks that the financial market will fall by almost 6,000 points while the digital currency is likely to fall to 2k upon which it will start to appreciate. That is a dangerous trend that investors should know, especially concerning the digital currency industry. In the financial sector, the Investment company founder highlights that the market will fall due to increased government debts and the underemployment facing the country. The issue of increased deficits, either from local borrowing or by borrowing from international lending institutions will hurt the economy.

Shervin Pishevar is of the opinion that the government is not able to pay the debts because the market is not generating enough to cover for the increased government spending and the poor state if the financial meaning that there is no money to pay for the debts that the government has been borrowing. The only feasible solution is for the government to print money and boost consumption in the country while at the same time using the printed money to pay for the increased wage bill and recurrent expenditure.

ClassDojo Opens Lines of Communication Between Parents, Students, and Teachers

Education Technology is revealed to be a market that is viewed with both caution and optimism in the Entrepreneur article “What Your Edtech Product Needs to Get a Gold Star From Educators.” The article was written by Jodie Pozo-Olano, the principal strategist at MDR and a guest writer for Entrepreneur.

The article reveals that spending on Edtech investments rose in 2017 to $1.4 billion from its four-year low in 2016. However, investors and entrepreneurs are unsure if the market will reach the expected $1.5 billion in spending this year because of the U.S. federal education budget. Experts expect that the budget will be cut under the current political administration. It is also suggested that many Edtech companies fail because they are not paying attention to what their potential clients need.

Some companies have been able to pay attention to the needs of the teachers and the students and have succeeded because of this. One such company is Nearpod, one that debuted more than 300 lessons with The company received nearly $21 million in funding.

Another company that has been successful is ClassDojo. The company focused on solving actual problems faced by teachers and students in the classroom. The co-founder, Sam Chaudhary, focused on listening to parents, teachers, and students. He discovered that both the teachers and the parents wanted a more open line of communication about the students’ progress over the course of the semester. Typically, they were only getting updates from the teacher at parent-teacher conferences. With ClassDojo, the line of communication has been reopened. It is used in more than 180 countries and is present in more than 90% of the U.S. K-8 school districts.

Teachers use ClassDojo to share student reports and progress with the parents. It is a free app available on mobile and other devices to provide home-to-school communication. They seek to help students develop their skills by allowing teachers and parents to monitor student behavior. The mission of the company was to foster more of a community between parents and teachers as well as school leaders. It is available in 35 languages and was designed to protecting the privacy of users.

OSI Food Solutions – Providing the World with Custom Food Products

OSI Group is one America’s largest privately held companies. OSI food solutions provide an entire array of custom food products to retail food outlets around the world. The company can honestly boast that it offers resources and a reach that is unparalleled.

OSI food solutions showcases the extensive capabilities of OSI. These include developing food products and management of global food supply chains. As a result, businesses that partners with OSI can receive custom food products that fit perfectly with their operation. This helps to maximize their opportunity for success.

At present OSI manages food solutions out of 65 facilities in 17 countries. The company employs 20,000 people. The company’s mission is to make sure that customers around the globe can provide the quality food experience that people expect.

OSI food solutions have grown as a result of the company’s strategic purchases of other companies. OSI Group purchased Baho Food to extend it retail food influence in Europe. The company’s portfolio complemented OSI’s. OSI keeps in mind the evolving needs of its customers. As such, OSI Group also acquired Flagship Europe.

Flagship Europe’s products include frozen pies, poultry, dressings and sauces to the UK market. The acquisition was also a beneficial move for Flagship. This gives the company access to new clients and markets around the globe. The acquisition is a win-win for everyone.

OSI Group offers custom food solutions to the customer’s exact specifications. Other mission incentives include a spirit of trustworthiness, efficiency, knowledge of global flavors, the best culinary skills, an approach toward innovated design for facilities, safety, and unsurpassed quality assurance.

OSI food solutions maintains a strong commitment to sustainability. The company continually tries to improve its operations through innovative solutions. OSI Group is all about team work as well. Each employee strives to act with high integrity. The company will likely make a major impact in its market for years to come.

Jeremy Goldstein Is A Successful Lawyer And Dedicated Philanthropist

Jeremy Goldstein founded his own law practice that currently resides in New York and specializes in various corporate governance matters. Under Jeremy’s leadership, Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates has become a leading law firm throughout the eastern region. Throughout the past decade, Jeremy and his firm have worked on various high profile transactions at major corporations around the country, such as the Goodrich acquisition.


Not too long ago, Jeremy Goldstein, along with Omar Khan and Jim Finkel, hosted a wine dinner. This food and wine party was set up to support the Fountain House, which is dedicated to helping individuals overcome their mental illnesses. Ever since mental illnesses were classified as a crisis for people by the World Health Organization, many foundations have formed to help combat the problem. Today, there are hundreds of millions of people all over the world that are affected by mental illnesses.


The Fountain House was formed in 1944 and is one of the strongest players in the fight to help those affected by mental illness. One of the first thoughts for a name of the company was We Are Not Alone, which is fitting for those with mental problems who usually believe that have no one to call on. In today’s generation, many people are even afraid to admit that they might be suffering from a mental illness, making the problem even worse. Fountain House was the name chosen for the organization due to the fountain that was found in the garden.


Since the company was first formed, it has been working to help people through their mental illnesses and better understand how they work. Through a dedicated team of professional and a lot of extra aid from the community, the Fountain House is able to continue the fight to overcome mental disabilities throughout the country.


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Drew Madden

Drew Madden’s vision of developing a health tracking hardware and how it can improve healthcare

Technology has brought about many opportunities to make our lives better. For instance, it can be used successfully to improve healthcare by making devices that can help us track and retain essential data that is relevant to healthcare delivery.

This data can then be monitored by a health professional or used by the professional to make important decisions about our health. For many years, hospitals have relied on the data that they collect from a patient when he or she visits their premises. This data may not always be accurate because the process of collecting the data may be hastened or affected by environmental conditions such as stress in a hospital.

New innovative devices that rely on today technology can be used to collect data on the patient over a long time. This data can show the health state of a patient over a time and reveal the patient’s frequency of exercising and sleep.

This information can be vital in assisting the doctor to come up with a better diagnosis. A better diagnosis and understanding of the patient condition is important in not only treating the condition but also preventing future occurrences.

Smart devices such as arm wrists that record the blood pressure and the pulse of a patient can be used to monitor the progress of a patient. Healthcare providers could use the medical data collected every day from the patient to monitor the progress of the patient and determine if the patient is improving and the effects of the medicine used.

According to a healthcare and IT expert, Mr. Drew Madden, electronic medical records can be easily monitored by the doctor to ascertain that the medical plan they have put a patient under is working. If the devices record negative results, the doctor could change the medications to achieve the desired results.

Drew Madden is the managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He holds a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering from University of Iowa, focusing in Medical Systems. He has over 15 years of experience holding senior positions in the healthcare industry.

Fortress Investment Group Celebrating 20 Years Of Investment Success

Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998 with its headquarters in New York with over 900 employees. Rob Kauffman, Randal Nardone, and Wes Edens founded it. It is a private equity firm, and it has been a trendsetter from the start. In 2007, it pioneered among large-scale equity companies to go public in NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). Currently, Fortress has diversified to be an international investment management company directing more than $43 billion of assets to over 1,750 shareholders in hedge funds, private equity, and permanent capital vehicles.

Their areas of expertise and specialization are capital markets, operations management, asset-based investing and capital markets. For the last 20 years, Fortress Investment Group asset-based investment either through credit funds and private equity include financial vehicles, real estate capital that create long-term cash flow. It has developed robust tools to extract value in operations management areas. They have gained valuable expertise in managing acquisitions and mergers, and this experience makes Fortress capital markets specialist firm.

iPass Partnership

Fortress Investment Group has partnered with iPass. A mobile connectivity supplier, iPass has secure Wi-Fi with consistency availability and accessibility on any device that has a SaaS platform. They include convention centers, airports, train stations, hotels, and outdoor entertainment venues. iPass is currently responsible for close to 64 million hotspots globally. This makes it the best and largest global Wi-Fi provider. Credit facility between iPass and Fortress was finalized at $20 million value from Affiliate-managed funds. In this agreement, iPass gets $10 million immediate access. This deal was brokered Riley Financial, Inc. and this loan includes all iPass’s assets that include patent portfolio and Smart Connect technology.

Partnership benefits

Fortress Investment Group will benefit from this partnership by tapping iPass great potential. An article published in 2016, indicated that iPass has capable of disrupting the mobile industry. According to Mr. Griffins iPass Chief Executive Officer, both firms are excited over the partnership and iPass improvement is guaranteed with financing from Fortress Investment Group giving it an opportunity to focus more on closing the profitability bank and increasing its revenue. The expansion of iPass market hopes to provide more families around the world a chance to enjoy better connectivity.

Shervin Pishevar Takes to Twitter to Make Dark Predictions

Shervin Pishevar used Twitter to express deep concerns he has about the future of the US economy. He feels that the stock market will crash and that big businesses in the US will soon be losing a lot of their influence. Over the course of 21 hours, he sent out 50 tweets that gave a variety of reasons why he feels like the system as a whole will get worse before it gets better.

It was an overall dry winter for Shervin Pishevar as far as Twitter was concerned. He hadn’t been heard from for more than two months. The last tweet sent out was in mid December when he announced that he would be resigning from Sherpa Capital. Shervin Pishevar is one of the founders of this venture capital fund and spent time as a managing director of it. This venture capital fund was one of the early investors in Airbnb.

Should Americans take Shervin Pishevar’s prediction seriously? Well, it seems like he has a knack for predicting the future. About 10 years ago, he predicted that Facebook would experience an identity crisis, which it did. Additionally, he is not just some guy who looks at numbers all day. He has received awards and recognitions from the US government and other organizations. He has had much success as a super angel investor and in getting different companies off the ground.

Shervin Pishevar feels that an economic disaster can lead to a new type of economy. Throughout the 50 points he made in his Twitter rant, he warned that inflation was spreading and that the stock market would crash. He feels that big funds will bite the bullet as the stock market crashes and that tools the government typically uses to reset the market are not to be trusted.

Shervin Pishevar gave an example of individuals who built a train station in China in less than 10 hours. He mentioned this example when talking about the idea that entrepreneurship is now borderless. Individuals who used to come to the United States to get their ideas off the ground no longer need to do so. While this is good for individuals in other countries, he feels that it is bad for the US economy.

Sahm Adrangi, A Global Leader in Finance and Hedge Funds

Kerris Capital, a private investment manager that focuses on unique event-driven situations and long-term value investments recently published a negative report. The article describes the short position of the firm concerning Proteostasis Therapeutics. The corporation in question is a biopharmaceutical establishment that deals with the development phase of different drugs. Their principal focus is a drug entrant referred to as PTI-428. This drug was initially designed for the treatment of cystic fibrosis. When the FDA gave Breakthrough Therapy and the Orphan Drug designations, the stock prices of Proteostasis increase at a 100% rate.

According to Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale’s system analysis, the likelihood is that PTI-428 is not effective. The company detected some low-quality facts and disturbing omissions in the product details made available to the public by Proteostasis. Owing to the short position Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi have regarding Proteostasis Therapeutics once the prices of the shares decrease the company might benefit.

Sahm Adrangi established Kerrisdale Capital Management and currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer of the establishment. Since its inception, Kerrisdale has always participated in all matters regarding the development of the company. Sahm began Kerrisdale Capital with less than a million dollars, but by July 2017, the firm was handling over 150 million dollars.

Adrangi is popularly known due to his short selling as well as publishing research endeavors. His views concerning stocks include under followed longs and overhyped shorts. Nevertheless, these views are not yet well-known in the market. The research carried out by Kerrisdale corrects any misconceptions associated with the critical business opportunities of various establishments. The company then shares the research on Kerrisdale’s website, Twitter, and other investment related websites as well.

Over the years, Mr. Sahm Adrangi has built a name for himself by shorting and also exposing several fraudulent Chinese businesses including China Marine Food Group, Lihua International, and China-Biotics, among others. His research has led to prosecution measures against China Education Alliance and ChinaCast Education Corporation from the Exchange and Securities Commission.

Additionally, Sahm Adrangi typically specializes in particular industries mostly because of his experience and competence. One of these industries includes the biotechnology field. In the recent past, Kerrisdale has published lots of information on development-stage corporations including Unilife, Pulse Biosciences, Bavarian Nordic and Sage Therapeutics. The other fields include telecommunications and mining prospects.