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Betsy DeVos Pushes for Reform in U.S. Educational System

Betsy DeVos is the U.S. Secretary of Education in President Trump’s administration. She and her husband Dick DeVos are business people, philanthropists and political activists. Betsy is a Republican and supporter of school choice, voucher programs and charter schools. She worked for many years in Michigan to promote educational reform. She was chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for several years. DeVos is a member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

Betsy was the Vice President of the Prince Foundation, a charitable foundation set up by her family, primarily her father and mother, Edgar and Elsa Prince. She and her husband Dick DeVos started the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. Its purpose is to donate funds to various charitable organizations. Most of the donations are based on Dick and Betsy’s Christian faith.

The foundation focuses on education, community projects, arts, justice and leadership programs. In 2015, the foundation donated $11.6 million. This brings their lifetime donations to $139 million. The foundation has donated to hospitals, research in health care, Christian schools, religious missions, and other conservative causes.

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DeVos has been involved over the years in the Action Institute. Its purpose is to study Religion and Liberty. It strives to promote a free society where individuals can use economic policies within the framework of the Judeo-Christian beliefs to promote economic growth.

From 2004 to 2010 Betsy Devos served on the board of directors for the Kennedy Center of the Preforming Arts. She was appointed by President George W. Bush. She and her husband, funded a center to teach art managers to raise funds for their institutions. In 2010, they donated $22.5 million to keep the program going.

Betsy DeVos has been very active in charitable work within her community in Michigan. She served as chairwoman of the American Federation for Children and The Philanthropy Roundtable. The American Federation for Children promotes educational choice, and works to help every child get a quality education, no matter what their economic status is

DeVos promotes the expansion of charter schools and more private schools being available to all students through financial assistance programs. She says the current school system is closed and restricts access to better options. If the market was opened up and parents had better options, children would receive a much better education no matter where they lived. She continues to support reform in the current U.S. educational system to provide a much higher quality of education to all children. Visit to know more about their foundation.

Rick Shinto’s InnovaCare winning the heart of Puerto Ricans

InnovaCare Health is a company that is passionate about quality medical care. According to the company’s CEO, Rick Shinto, the company’s core values are the pillars of its success and stability. Hiring professionals, promoting teamwork, healthy working relationships, transparency, a clear vision and proper communication are the fundamental principles at InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare Health’s mission statement is simple; redefining the management of healthcare in today’s healthcare environment. The healthcare outfit has excelled in this mission. The excellence stems from its two Puerto Rico-based subsidiaries; MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. These affiliate companies provide quality care programs that improve the members’ physical and emotional wellbeing. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance.

The outstanding quality offered by MMM and PMC has seen the rate of customer’s satisfaction reach 90 percent. Also in 2011, the two companies received NCQA accreditation, an accreditation that focuses on high quality of services and customer protection. Receiving it indicated that the two InnovaCare Health’s affiliates meet these quality assurance demands.

In 2012, Rick Shinto became the chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health. Recognized as the man who inspires as others to do their best, Dr. Shinto is the company’s force of change. His vision for the company is to extend its market base and make improvements that ensure customer satisfaction. The effectiveness of his leadership has led numerous improvements in service delivery and the consequent success of the company.

Under the leadership of Dr. Shinto, InnovaCare Health is using technology to make its services affordable to the Puerto Rican people. Making quality medical services cheaper has attracted many people. Today, more than 70 percent of the population in Puerto Rico shows preference of InnovaCare’s care plans to other insurance companies.

Before becoming the CEO at InnovaCare, Dr. Rick Shinto led Aveta Inc. as its President and chief executive officer. During his tenure at Aveta Inc., the health expert received the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The award recognizes an entrepreneur’s commitment to success through financial performance and innovative ideas as well as excellence in service delivery. Earning the award proved Dr. Shinto as an authority in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Shinto graduated with a bachelor’s of science from the University of California before attending New York State University for his medical degree. He has an MBA from Redlands University. His experience, entrepreneurship skills and aspiration for improvement are key factors that make sure InnovaCare’s success under his leadership. Learn more about the company at

Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions: A Man Driven To Help People Understand Their Finances Better

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory company that functions out of Austin, Texas. It is known for providing their clients with investment advice that can grow their wealth and help them expand their current businesses. People belonging to various professions have come to Wealth Solutions to seek their aid in their financial matters and have been extremely satisfied with the plans that the company has presented to them. The company provides their customers with a broad range of plans to choose from, which cater to each aspect of investments. Be it for the purpose of expanding businesses markets or even for the purpose of securing a good retirement plan; Wealth Solutions is here to help. Learn more:


The main reason for the success of Wealth Solutions is Richard Blair. Richard Blair has been working in the field of finance for an extremely extended period. His career in the financial field spans over twenty-five long and fruitful years. Over the years, he has worked with numerous people and their company’s, helping them grow and expand in a direction that is favorable for their growth. Richard Blair has always believed in helping people understand their finances, rather than just helping them, and tries his best to educate them through every interaction. He is a businessman and entrepreneur who wanted to be able to provide people with all the help they need with their financial matters. He is extremely looked up to in the business scene of Texas and is well known throughout the city of Austin. Learn more:


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has always been a man with a plan. When he wanted to start up Wealth Solutions, he had an idea in mind which he wanted to execute, to put the company on the map. He has formulated all the plans of action that the firm uses. All the clients coming to Wealth Solutions get a proper assessment and analysis by the team of trusted advisors who work at the company. Only after an analysis are they given an appropriate plan that is formulated keeping their best interests in mind. Learn more:


The company aims to be able to provide their clients with solutions which will help them grow, and in turn, boost the growth of the company as well. Richard Blair believes in establishing a relationship between the people coming to the company for help and looks at each interaction as a stepping stone towards a brighter future for Wealth Solutions.




Julie Zuckerberg’s Impressionable Human Resource Career

Julie Zuckerberg is the executive recruitment lead and talent acquisition manager at Deutsche Bank. She has honed her skills in the field in more than one decade by working in similar posts in other institutions. After graduating from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York with a degree in Philosophy, Julie joined Hudson as the director of candidate placement in 2002. She worked in the post for five years overseeing job executions of attorneys, case managers, paralegals, and support staff. She managed clients from both the public and private sectors, such as corporations, financial firms, and law firms. Some of her specific work roles included offering employees with info on benefits of their job positions, explaining the working conditions and creating promotional opportunities for companies and employment. Additionally, Julie resolved conflicts at the workplace and maintained a balance in relationships by executing employee counseling and coaching.


In July 2007, Julie joined Citi Global Functions to serve as the executive recruiter. She managed the deployment of recruitment methods such as internet searches, direct sourcing, social media management and employee referrals. The task required her to create detailed descriptions of the advertised posts and skillfully plan and evaluate each successful candidate. Julie helped in the promotion and internal mobility of the firm’s staff by working in corporation with the human resource team. After four years, she earned a promotion to become the executive director in charge of the recruitment of the firm’s director, managing director and consumer marketing staff and the IT team. She sourced candidates from around the world and provided advisory support to senior business leaders seeking to recruit the best talents and beat competitors in the market. Julie managed other complex job responsibilities such as immigration of new employees, relocation of staff, equity buyouts, post awards and clawbacks.


Julie left Citi Global in November 2013 to work for New York Life Insurance Company as a recruitment expert and corporate vice president. Her skills allowed her to strategies the recruitment and training of selected candidates. She planned the firm’s talent acquisition and deployment model. Julie worked closely with the company’s senior administrators to evaluate the firm’s customers’ needs, forge formidable relationships and provide creative business solutions to complex problems. She left the company after four years to serve in her current position at Deutsche Bank located in New York. One of her most appraised accomplishments includes the recruitment of the managing director whose job roles include management of assets, infrastructure, global technology, relationship with wealthy clients and private operations. She oversees the team that provides strategies on recruiting of supporting directors for the front office, IT, and infrastructure. Additionally, Julie develops models that help the firm’s top executive create more satisfactory solutions for existing and prospective clients. She is at the lead of negotiating key business contracts, analyzing the performance of directors and managers, and managing business relationships within and without the firm. Apart from her illustrative commitment to her work, Julie is enthusiastic about living a healthy and holistic lifestyle. She enjoys jogging but stresses the importance of mixing workouts and is an avid collector of beautiful art.


Mikhail Blagosklonny And His Fight Against Cancer And Aging

With the increase in mortality rate associated with cancer, scientists and researchers have vowed to work their brains out in the labs till a reliable treatment is realized. However, to this point in time, an ultimate cure is yet to be discovered, and this puts the human race at the risk of the deadly predicament. Freedom is an essential requirement for all human beings. The fact that the cancer menace has a noose around the fragile necks curtails their free will and affects their entire lives. This does not augur well with the scientific community. It has, therefore, led to the formulation and development of therapies to control or manage cancer and age-related medical conditions. Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny is in the forefront championing the fight against aging and cancer in the modern society with the newly developed treatments.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny is presently the Editor-in-Chief of Oncotarget and Cell Cycle. He is also an Associate Editor of Cancer Biology and Therapy. In addition, he serves on the Cell Death and Differentiation Editorial Board. Mikhail is a passionate advocate of Rapamycin, a cancer treatment drug that is said to manage symptoms and extend life. His keen interest in oncology and deep knowledge in the area has made him believe that it is possible to control aging and cancer. He directs his efforts towards understanding, minimizing, and ultimately curing age-related impairments and has participated in the formulation of a hypothesis on TOR’s potential role in aging and cancer.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned research scientist who focuses on the study of aging and cancer. He is a respected Professor at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute based in New York. Besides his wealth of experience, his medical education background is impeccable. Mikhail attended the First Pavlov State Medical University of Petersburg where he earned his Master’s degree in Internal Medicine in addition to a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has led a successful career in the medical field. He first held his role as an Associate Professor of Medicine at the New York Medical College. After that, he took up the post as a Senior Scientist at Ordway Research Institute where he served until his appointment as Professor of Oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He has carried out a deep research on cancer and its therapies that aim at protecting cells from damage and has also focused on aging and anti-aging drugs. He stresses on the need for incorporation of basic science into the development of new anti-cancer strategies. His research interests mainly focus on oncogenes and tumor suppressors.

Mikhail Blagoskolonny has built his medical career on the solid believe that science will certainly find a way to control aging and cure cancer someday. He gives hope to the world that in the future the world will conquer this menace of a disease. He attributes his success in the cancer research and treatment to his immense love for humanity and his great dream of living in a disease-free community. Read more on

Roberto Santiago Investment in the Shopping and Retail Industry

According to a survey conducted by Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce), there was a growth of 6.5% in the shopping and retail industry in 2015. This growth was achieved despite economic crisis that was experienced in Brazil at that time. In the state of Paraiba for instance, the scenes were similar, and those operating malls in the region had much to celebrate. One of the largest malls in the state of Paraiba is Manaira Shopping center owned by prominent Brazilian entrepreneur and businessman Roberto Santiago. This mall was initially launched in 1989, and it has undergone numerous re-developments to accommodate the growing demand of customers.

Abrasce partnered with Urban Studies Group (GEU) to conduct the research, and the result was good news to industry players as they focused on new business opportunities. The survey revealed that there were 538 shopping malls in Brazil, and 30 more were under different phases of construction. Further research showed that over one million people were employed in the industry throughout Brazil, and in 2015 alone, close to 54000 vacant positions in shopping malls were filled.

Shopping Malls’ Impact on Northeast Region

This is the second largest region in Brazil that sells through malls. In the state of Paraiba, you will find Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall, the largest in the region. Manaira shopping has the largest space for hire, with an area of 75000 square meters. Over the years, Manaira shopping has been expanding and developing new facilities, to offer its clients almost all products and services in one location. The mall has multipurpose space including college, gymnasium, concert halls, movie theaters, restaurants and others, thanks to entrepreneurial skills of Roberto Santiago. The positive growth of the shopping industry generated excitement, more so among executives of these shopping malls. Visit his profile page on

About Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago was born in João Pessoa 58 years ago. In recent years, he has emerged as one of the most successful entrepreneur in the state of Paraiba. He established Manaira Shopping mall close to 30 years ago, and today, the mall is still favorite among the residents of this area. It is the largest mall in João Pessoa, and it provides lots of other activities in the city. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is a hub for fun, entertainment and leisure.

The mall has 280 retail stores, where customers can spend the entire day moving from one store to another. The movie theater has eleven rooms with state-of-the-art and 3D equipment to provide movie lovers with amazing and exceptional experience. All sorts of entertainment both for young and old are available at the mall. Fast food kiosks, restaurants, food court and bar sections are all found at Manaira Shopping. Indeed, Roberto Santiago is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil, and through his enterprises, residents are offered more and more options. Read more articles on

Bruce Bent II: The Benefits of Money Market Funds

Money Market Funds are types of income generating activities that invest in a broad range of debt securities that have short maturation durations. Money market funds are considered to have minimal credit risks and have lower volatility.

About money market funds

As stated on Wikipedia, depending on the type of securities invested in, income generated from money market funds may or may not be taxable. These forms of investments are regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). SEC categorizes money market funds into three main groups: prime, municipal, and government funds. These funds are advantageous because they are stable, diverse, and secure, incur the least tax, and mature quickly.

Bent II’s education and career history

Bruce Bent II is the senior executive of the Reserve Management Company, and he is the former Hallmark Investment Series Trust’s boss. He joined Hallmark First Mutual Fund in 2000 and worked in various departments. During his tenure in this company, Bent II held various management positions and helped the company increase its revenue. Before joining this company, Bent II was a staff member at RMC and RMCI. Bent II has also been serving as the vice chair of Double Rock Corporation since 2000. He has also worked as a trustee of trusts and as a director.

Bruce Bent II did philosophy at the venerated Northeastern University. He is the senior manager of Double Rock Corporation, a tech company that also specializes in financial management. Bent II is in charge of supervising activities in the company’s subsidiaries, including Intrasweep LLC, Access Control Advantage Inc., Landing Rock Group, and Island Intellectual Property LLC. He is the force behind the development and implementation of retirement services and cash management businesses. Bent II is a visionary entrepreneur who has played a huge role in the development of technologies used to manage financial services. He is a member of the Young Presidents Organization, an institution that facilitates networking of global business leaders. Bent II has served as an active member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. He has participated in making critical decisions as the head of Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson. Recently, Bent II was featured in the Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful Chief executive officers.

Learn more about Bruce Bent II on Ideamensch and follow him on Twitter.

Cameron Clokie a Maxillofacial Surgeon of Toronto Works to Regrow Human Bone

Cameron Clokie is a maxillofacial surgeon, scientist, and serial entrepreneur. Clokie is the CEO of the company Induce Biologics Inc. which is a regenerative medicine company focused on improving the way maxillofacial procedures are provided to patients during musculoskeletal reconstruction surgeries.

In his academic career, Clokie has been named to the Head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 1998, and then later as the Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto untill his retirement from the academic world in 2017. Clokie also has sat on the board for several advisory boards in various companies.

Clokie also holds 25 US and international patents on technologies that he has come up with to help aid patients with things like bone healing. Clokie also has partnerships with many various businesses and has helped pass his incredible knowledge on to those other people working and coming up in the industry behind him. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Cameron Clokie’s biggest accomplishment in patents is by the far the new technology he has started developing that helps coax new bone to grow after a patient has to have a surgical procedure done. His original technology was not approved by commercial sources because it took too much bone to be ground down to create the BMP material needed to repair the bone affected by the surgery. Read more: Cameron Clokie DDS, Ph.D.: Executive Profile & Biography

Cameron, however, was not to be defeated, he is not working on technology that plans to use the BMP needed to repair damaged bone. Clokie plans this time to generate that BMP by inserting human genes into a goat embryo hoping that there is potential to see if the goats could then by theory produce large quantities of this material through the milk they give off.

Cameron Clokie is currently working on this technology, and then cites that they must do is to bring the costs down., If patients cannot afford the technology to help them recover after surgery having the technology does little good. That’s the project Clokie is currently working on at this point in his career as he continues to strive to make life better for his patients.