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Monitoring Tools Can Help Online Reputation Management

It is impossible to keep up with anything and everything being said about your brand online. You don’t have unlimited time or resources. However, there are tools that can help notify you of any mention of your brand, product or services. These tools let you be proactive in guarding against reputation damage.

Trackur, Reputology, and Brand Yourself are a few tools that track brand mentions online. It is worthwhile to pay for these services if you can afford it. However, there are also free resources to use. Google Alerts tells you when another website mentions keywords associated with your brand. Daily alerts or real-time notification via email tell you when a mention occurs. This information is tracked and is available for review.

Twitter searches are a great aid to track whether you have unknown customer service flaws or image issues. Search by brand, product or service, and then “More Options.” Enter the search criteria and save it for future use. Also note that you can use the advanced search features to track any tweets to you or your competitors.

It is easy to fall prey to inflammatory comments and things you just won’t like. Social media is normally a great platform to share your feelings on issues and to interact with others who do not share your opinions. No matter now calm or apolitical you think you are, there will always be something that makes your blood boil and forget the risk of fully engaging in all or nothing online combat.

However, if nothing negative appears in a search of your brand, then comments can look engineered and insincere. Negative reviews in and of themselves are not the end of the world. However, how you respond to them is key. If you take the time to acknowledge an issue and try to make amends, you could prevent a customer defection and even generate positive buzz for your product or services.